Everything But the Girl...

Forgot to tell you about the time when I was in the gym and nearly got into a scrap with her boyfriend, didn't I? Yep, there I was getting changed after a heavy session, when the door opens and I hear;
'Been writing some letters have you?..Kris!'
I turned around half-shitting myself - then I saw him and remembered that he was still as laughably skinny and as feeble as before (what did she see in him?)..I dunno, I knew I was in the wrong, I was an asshole, and basically, I should've backed off from the whole situation, said my apologies to the guy and quite rightfully too. But I was hyped up from my hourly work-out, and didn't feel like grovelling to anybody, especially not the guy in between me and the love of my life. Before I went to Japan, I was a fairly muscular guy, and due to a couple of years of Judo and daily exercise I was like a 5ft 9 mini-tank (you wouldn't guess it now though...)..I could tell by the look on the guys face he wasn't gonna start any trouble with me looking the way I did back then.
However, he was pretty innocent in the whole thing. I mean, come on, what was the difference between him and me really?? in the past few months I'd been doing exactly what he was doing with Kumiko, and so I had no grounds to get angry at him despite what a cock-sucker I thought he was. I wasn't gonna apologise for what I'd done , but I wasn't going to start a fight over a girl when I was a bad-guy. Samurai law, dude. I had a hard time trying to cover my smile at his pathetic attempts to threaten me, which seemed more like a teacher having a go at his students than a man defending the girl he's supposed to care for. Anyway, he soon left, and the strange thing was that I saw Kumiko a couple of days later and she actually tried to talk to me about things, but suddenly her friends came along and it was obvious she had kept her boyfriend secret from them, so she just left.
So that was that, I went to Japan, after numerous attempts of trying to talk to Kumiko, and being rejected. I had the best six months of my life..but I always thought of Kumiko. Every step of the way. It was often on the lonely nights when I'd be in the office with no-one else around after having taught all day that I'd sit in front of the monitor and tell her all about her wonderful country and how much I wished she was there with me, how I'd be so proud if she was my girl, and..well, you know how it goes. She did write back even wrote back and told me about her past. It seemed the reason for her coming to England was partly due to her desire to better herself and get some skills - and partly due to an old yakuza boyfriend who said he was mad about her (nice to know it wasn't just me then). That was why she was a little worried about going back to Japan, but she thought it would be okay. Sure struck me as a novel idea for a book.
She told me about her family and friends, and I thought we were doing okay, getting along. No trace of whether or not she still was worried about my latent nuttiness. Then one day she said that she wouldn't mind meeting up when I came back to the UK. She was leaving to go back to Japan soon after I came back, but she had a few days in which we could hook up. I nearly jumped for joy! It really was the only thing that made me even slightly excited to the prospect of going home, screw fish and chips, screw very cool castles and the best chocolate in the world. To see Kumiko again, with her lovely smile, would be the moment I'd treasure. Plus I think she'd realised what a prick the boyfriend was by then and had dumped him, so she was single again.
Soon before I went back, I'd met May, who was nice, but nothing really, compared with Kumiko. No, Kumiko was deep, whereas May just thought she was deep. Nothing worse than somebody trying to mindf*ck you when they just don't have the intelligence to do so - it just makes them look stupid. I guess if anything, May was the rebound from everything not working out with Kumiko.
So, when I got back to Hastings, the only thing I could think about was seeing Kumiko, but she hadn't left any number or anything. I didn't know how to get in touch with her. I looked everywhere, and talked to all the people I knew who knew her about where she'd be. Nobody knew.
Then one day, as I was walking along the the entrance of the town, I saw a European girl with a tall friend. It was Kumiko!!.. I ran over to her, eager to tell her about everything. I was ready this time - I was normal, I was going to prove that I genuinely cared for her. I was going to tell her about everything that happened to me in Japan, and listen to all her stories and enjoy every minute of it. And then we'd keep in touch, and I'd make every effort to see her in Japan, because I knew she was the one!! I'd never been so ready to commit in all my life!
But when she saw me, she hardly said anything..just pretended as though she barely knew me...and her friend was laughing as though she'd been told all about what happened between me and Kumiko, and now found it humourous that I had the audacity to still try to get with Kumiko after all that had happened. It was like when you're in a night-club and you spot a babe that you've wanted to talk to all night, but when you finally scrape up the courage to do so, she just shoots you down like you were a piece of shit. That's certainly what I felt like after meeting up with Kumiko then. Damn, she'd bragged all about how I'd made such an effort to get with her, and I'd heard a few weeks later that she'd been with a friend of mine whilst I was in Japan..shit...Kumiko was...a bitch. And what about the way she ignored me??
I couldn't believe it..where was the justice in all that? all I wanted was a second f*cking chance, it wasn't much to ask was it? Just a chance to sit down in a public place, have a coffee, and get to know each-other.
I was a lot stronger by then, and decided I couldn't keep torturing myself about what Kumiko thought about me, and the things she'd done had proved that she just wasn't the girl I thought she was. If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be, and that was that. She was beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and everything I wanted in a woman. But I guess she can't have been that perfect if she was so unforgiving. I promised myself I wouldn't be such a shit to anybody as she was to me...errr..that's probably why I got stalked by some girl later. She was cute though! See, even my stalkers are lookers HAHAAAAAA!!
Occasionally I write to Kumiko, and she does tell me about her time in Japan, pottering around trying to fulfill her ambitions and all that. And of course, I still wouldn't mind being her guy, but at the end of the day, I'm all over that. Bitter as hell though. But hey! I know I'M a good-looking guy...and, YOU'RE a good-looking guy...Hell, we're all 13,000 good-looking guy's, so why let a thing getting close to being with the best-looking girl in all your life worry you? oh maaaan...sob

Well, the moral of this story is..ladies, if a guy goes nuts over you, it's not always a bad thing, and, well, if he seems okay, why not give him another shot?

You never know..

Okay, I'll admit, I was screwing around a hell of a lot in Japan, which gaijin doesn't?..I didn't know how to fix things with Kumiko..as far as she was concerned I was never to be forgiven. Personally I think she was a bit too harsh about the whole thing. I'll never understand women as long as I live. You know, always act as though they're the ones who're all romantic and believe that love lasts forever and all that, but a guy comes along who wants to make them happy, and they go and screw a friend of his instead. Oh well, chalk it all up.

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