The YD FAQ is an ongoing fact which is different from any other in the way that it iswritten with the aspiration of answering the unusual questions that are asked about Japan, rather than a standard "How much money should I take?" FAQ like the informative THE JAPAN FAQ: KNOW BEFORE YOU GO which should be read before the YD one. Contributions come from a variety of sources, and even from Japanese themselves. If you feel that you could elaborate on any of the questions in the FAQ, or you feel that it contains errors, please feel free to E-mail me:



Q1. Where is a good place to pick up chicks in Japan?
Q2. How can I find a job in Japan?
Q3. How much money do I need to make a decent living in Japan?
Q4. How much money can I make by teaching English?
Q5. I want to work as a male host. What are the requirements?
Q6. I am a Black/Asian guy. Will I be accepted in Japan? Will I be successful with Japanese girls?
Q7. Where is a good place to stay in Tokyo?
Q8. How can I get cheap tickets to Japan?
Q9. Is what I hear about Japanese toilets true?
Q10. I am 6ft 8. Will I be a treated like a freak in Japan?
Q11. How can I know that the guy I'm about to beat up isn't Yakuza?
Q12. Are there midgets in Japan?
Q13. Does body hair turn Japanese chicks off?
Q14. As a homosexual guy how would I be treated in Japan?
Q15. What is it like inside a Japanese nightclub?
Q16. What will happen when I go to a soap-parlour?
Q17. What is the A.A.A?
Q18. Whats up with all these Iranians selling jewellry on the streets of Japan?
Q19. Do Japanese guys go for white chicks like me?
Q20. How much does it cost to stay in a love hotel?
Q21. Are Japanese Schools rascist in their Hiring Practices?
Q22. Self-Sponsorship in Japan

Q1. Where is a good place to pick up chicks in Japan?

Bars. Discos. Pubs. Schools. Libraries. Supermarkets. Video stores. Flower arrangement classes. Tea ceremony classes. On the street. On a train. Anywhere. Everywhere. Anytime. They're probably the easiest girls to approach in the world. (Kris) "I once was with a Mexican guy in a park when we spotted two gorgeous birds sitting on a bench nearby. We couldn't think of any excuse to approach them, so instead compromised by pretending that my friends Walkman was in a fact a camera, so that I could pose with my arms around them, and then we could begin to chat them up afterwards. The whole affair was a farce, and as soon as he pulled out his Walkman and pretended to make a photograph with it they started laughing. It was stupid but funny. They saw the joke, and it turned out to be a good ice-breaker."

Q2. How can I find a job in Japan?

You can find relevant information by sending an e-mail to: with the subject line "get issue" What you'll get is a list of teaching jobs available over Japan. Also the monday issue of the Japan Times carries classified ads for jobs available in Japan. You can subscribe to the Japan Times
You can search for jobs, also, through recruitment sites such as. Try also:
Adecco Career Co. (Site in Japanese. Needs Japanese compatible browser or add in software such as Global IME.)
PasonaSoftbank (Online registration available for those with Japanese compatible browsers or IME) By all means do your own research. Do not take anyone's opinion as fact.

Q3. How much money do I need to make a decent living in Japan?

At least 100,000 yen per month just to scrape by. For a young single dude with no wife or kids to support, 200,000 yen should be the bottom line for comfort. Japan is an expensive country to live in, but even more so if you insist on living in the same way you did in America or Europe. (Imagine how much it will cost to live in a traditional Japanese style house and eat authentic Japanese food in Paris.) The more you blend in, the less expensive it will be. If you really get broke, check out the Surviving Like a Bastard section of this site.

Q4. How much money can I make by teaching English?

Depends on how hard you work. You can earn 2000 to 4000 yen per hour of lesson. In Engliah money this is around 12-15 quid an hour, enough to buy a nice meal in a restaurant. Pretty good. Put it this way, dishwasher boys get just 600 yen an hour.. There are stories out there about guys who've taught classes full of well-to-do surgeons each paying up to 5000 yen an hour, but this is all rumours-ville. Hear all the rich JETS moan about how hard they have it in Japan at Big Daikon.

Q5. I want to work as a male host. What are the requirements?

Besides scorching good looks? Fluent Japanese. At least enough to entertain your patrons so much that they will be likely to dish up the hefty fee to come and see you again. Also the temperment to praise, flatter and kiss ass to people who actually have to pay someone to be admired by them and do it with an unflinching smile. You will reap the rewards however, as some of the clientele are rich indeed, and it's not rare to hear about a popular host recieving presents such as gold rings, new cars, free holidays. All in the charm. If you're a woman and you're interested in this job, check out the link.

Q6. I am a Black/Asian guy. Will I be accepted in Japan? Will I be successful with Japanese girls?

Some guys say that black guys have an easier time than the white guys. You will have more luck in the big cities though, it depends more on who you are rather than what you are. As for being a Korean/American, BBC or whatever, it's been said that while they're a little less popular, they still have pretty good luck if they hang around with other gaijin. Confidence is a big issue. There are success stories where American or European Asians have been begged by their sponsors to stay in Japan, and there are horror stories about those guys being let go simply because of their skin colour. Native Koreans, Chinese, Thai etc often complain about not scoring with chicks in Japan, claiming that it's purely due to them not being hakujin (white guys), but Japanese would tend to agree that it's simply a lack of lead-taking and balls that makes it so. Exhude 'gaijin-ness' and you should be alright.
On the other hand, I did get this message from a guy called Devon Pettigrew once :
"In case any of your readers are interested there down sides. You see my friend and I are black and this posed all kinds of other difficulties for us in Japan. First off we were not military but none of the Japanese girls we met seemed to understand this, because in their view all black men serve in the US military. Second when they finally did realize that we weren't military then we had to be gangstaz because all the black men who aren't in the military but are in all the rap videos are criminals. You won't believe how many times I was asked if I moved to Taiwan becasue I was runnning from the law. For my friend and I the only way for us to get laid was to keep our mouths shut and let what ever girl we were with live out her fantasy. As for me I am learning Japanese and can speak Chinese pretty well but I keep this a secret, along with the fact that I am earning a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Don't get me wrong I love asian babes in general and Japanese specifically and if you are a black guy in Japan its easy to find nice babes but believe it or not alot of black guys actually go to Japan and get soo much attention and have so many crazy stereo types to live up to that they just get fed up and go home.

I know many a black guy who just couldn't deal with the sensory overload. But all & all I will definitely go back there myself. The important thing is to go with motivations other than women because they come to those who are happy and if you go looking for chicks it is quite possible that you wake up with more than you bargained for."

So there you are. And if you just so happen to be a gangzta or a rapper, you'll get laid all the more.

Q7. Where is a good place to stay in Tokyo?

Kawama's recomendation:
"Tokyo English Center (located in Suginami-Ku, Kami-Takaido 2-17-8, Tel.5370-8440, no "key money", 33,000yen/month for a shared room, •55,000 for single room)." The price will probably go up now though since you bastards will keep going there after reading this FAQ.

Q8. How can I get cheap tickets to Japan?

Short of buying from Captain Kirk on Priceline... It has been discussed several times on the forum. "(Kawama) My wife and I got round trip tickets on ANA for $800 each through them. That included the connecting flight between cleveland and chicago! Check out: Talk to Maki Hoshino at Kintetsu Travel in Chicago. $688 round trip to Kansai Intl., on JAL, including our connection from Minneapolis. The cost to Narita should be similar or less. Everyone at Kintetsu speaks very good problems there.. 630-250-8840." As for the UK, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) +31 (0)20 4747747 do excellent deals. When I went to Japan it cost around £450 return. I've heard of special deals for around £320 return at certain times of the year.

Q9. Is what I hear about Japanese toilets true?

(Satan)To put it simply,
There are 3 major styles to be aware of.
1. Western Style
2. Japanese Style
3. Japanese Water Torture Style.
You should know how to use a western style toilet. If you don`t then you don`t belong here.
Come to think of it, you don`t belong ANYWHERE! *Suicide is a plausible option for you. Help thin the already over populated herd. If you`re too stupid to use a toilet then we don`t need you.
Thank you. *(does not apply to people physically unable to use toilets (ie. quadriplegics) or anyone under the age of 20.)
Japanese toilets are easy. Just drop, squat, and squeeze. Make sure you pull your pants down first. (AND your underwear you silly boy!) Be sure to have your shorts around your knees or you`ll mess your pants. Then you`ll become a prime candidate for Shit Streaks Anonymous. SSA meetings every Jan. 31st.)
If you`re a girl, be sure to check around the toilet for hidden cameras. This IS Japan you know....
The Japanese Water Torture toilets are the most fun of all!! God truly blessed the Japanese person who invented this. He brought his invention out unto the world and said "behold! I bring thee the auto toilet! It wipes your ass for you! And dries it too!" "How convenient!" the masses cried! "Thank you oh so much!!" they said to the Japanese man for his beautiful invention.
But God was angry. He gave this man a gift and he used it for his own personal gain without giving God the credit he had legally coming to him. God doesn`t like greedy fuckers. "THOUGH SHALL NOT GREED!" He said, but no one was listening. So, he smote a curse upon the toilet.
All those who are evil enough to buy one of these toilets will be sentenced to constantly clean their bathrooms. For stupid people and gaijin will forever be pushing the wrong(or right, depends on how you look at it.) buttons and cause the toilet to spit it`s ass cleansing stream upon the walls and the ceilings, and most importantly of all. Upon the retard who can`t read Japanese.
But, man was smarter than God had thought. He invented a remote control for these toilets! Now, to punish the owners of these biological waste containers, they simply had to close the door to the stall/bathroom and and attempt to play Tekken 3 on the remote control.
Now only the stupid imbecile who owned them felt the wrath of God and his diabolical fountain of bacteria laden fluid.
To make matters worse, the rectal cleaning mechanism does not work properly. If you had eaten a heavy meal the day before, and you vacate your bowels into one of these evil contraptions and are stupid enough to USE the liquid anal reamer, you will be punished by your filth not being completely removed. Thus, you spent the day with shit in your shorts and your ass a wet mess.
Why? because the fucking blower that is supposed to gently dry your backside doesn`t work properly. God laughs at you, as usual.
But why couldn`t I just wipe/dry my fecal riddled ass with toilet paper??
Three reasons.
1. There is no toilet paper.
2. There is toilet paper but you have to pay 100 yen for it. That and the vending machine for it is OUTSIDE the bathroom. How are you going to get some TP with your butthole coated with bitter chocolate and your pants around your ankle?? If you get up to go and get some you`re going to have to buy at least 500 yens worth because by now you`ll have smeared ass butter all over your fanny cheeks. You`d be better off using your underwear. What? You don`t wear underwear?? Well you better use your hand you stinky fuck. No body like a free baller anyway.
3. There is toilet paper, but it`s totally soaked and useless because the owner of that particular toilet recently felt the rath of God. You COULD try and use it but your fingers will just end up going throught the wet paper and you`ll end up with a stray finger in the but. You know you`ll never get that smell off, so you might as well just use your whole hand.

Q10. I am 6ft 8. Will I be a treated like a freak in Japan?

Only to a certain extent. You'll get a lot of questions about your height, put it that way. It's not so much that you'll be given the freak treatment, but rather that you'll have a lot of problems clothing yourself, getting around peoples houses, eating in izakakya's, etc. People won't run away screaming though if that's what you're worried about. (Oscar)" Actually, one of the biggest get-laid kings in Japan is 6ft 7. He is a former Olympic volley ball player turned TV personality. He has done the most sought after actresses and pop idols. His technique? Just pick up the girl and show her the world from his vantage point. This experience sets in motion a chain of events that always turns out in his favor. Being tall is one more element that makes you exotic. "
(Kris)"I was once made a replacement for one guy who was teaching these two 12 year old kids. He was the nicest bloke in the world, but at around 6ft 9 he simply scared the shit out of the poor kids every time he walked into the room. The kids had begged their mum to let them leave the school, but instead she had talked to the head, which is where I came in and replaced him unknowingly. Poor guy, I really appreciated that I'm only an average 5ft 9 after that.."

Q11. How can I tell the Japanese guy I'm about to beat up isn't Yakuza?

Actually they're not that easy to distinguish from the rest of the population these days. And not all Yakuza are mental dudes who carry weapons - you get all sorts up and down the heirarchical ladder, from big bosses to poster hand out boys. Needless to say, the ones that are higher up are the ones that are more likely to try and track you down later with a gun and a testical-vice.
Yakuza guys used to look like pimps wearing purple suits and having permed hair, but these days they generally tend to stick to black, and the only tell-tale signs that some one is a Yakuza are things such as they may have rather distinguishable tatoos, drive foreign cars, or even have a finger or two missing. If a guy has a lot of fingers missing, you know he's a dumb Yakuza.
Yakuza hang out at such places as n;/B>

Q17. What is the A.A.A?

Asian.Addicts.Anonymous. A term coined by a guy called James who was one of the first visitors to the Forum. Catchy eh? I get a lot of amusing mail from guys who first discover this site, who thought they were the only guys in the world who had a thing purely for Asian girls only. Nope, you are not alone. AAA is not a term for a guy who has no luck with women and thus has to resort to Asian chicks. It simply means they have a love for Asian women like some guys do with blondes, for example. We are not obsessive like the author of this site.

Q18. What's up with all these Iranians selling jewellry on the streets of Japan?

Well, Iranians used to be able to live in Japan without a visa because during the 'bubble economy' Japanese couldn't be shagged to do crappy jobs like those in construction. So for a while, Iranians had a good thing going and made a lot of money. Then when the economy went to pop in Japan, Iranians weren't so heavily employed and were left with bugger all to do in Japan, so many of them started entering into joint-ventures with the Yakuza, selling illegal phone-cards and jewellry on the streets, and making a packet. The Yen to Rial made it worth going illegal instead of returning back to Iran. Unfortunately nowadays they're getting a terrible reputation for their dodgy business practices, and there's some heavy deportation going on. In my opinion the Iranians made one nice little contribution - in the Japanese porn industry. Yep, no job, no money, I know! lets get a camera and make some interacial porno with the local females! Yes my friends, if you want to see a good porno in Japan, keep an eye out for those Arabic typefonts on the video covers.

Q19. Do Japanese guys go for white chicks like me?

Hell yeah!..If I could only count the amount of times some J-dude I've just met has said "Do you know any white girls?".
Japanese guys love foreign women, but you gotta remember, these guys are damn shy a lot of the time. To be frank, Western women do have a bit of a tough time in Japan. They find themselves competing in a losing race aginst submissive Japanese females, who seem to be way behind the rest of the world in terms of sexual equality, fitting many a guys idealism of the way a women should say, act, look, and treat their man. For a Western woman who's been fought over, respected by, and treated on equal terms with all the men in her life, this can be a tough cake to bite on.
But when you're born into something, you get a taste for the exotic, and to Japanese male eyes, Western women are just that. While a Westerner might describe you as 'frumpy', a Japanese guy might see that as 'voluptously curved'. Those guys are shy as all shit though. I remember one guy I knew who was Japanese and really liked an American female friend of mine. She liked him too, but he just wouldn't go for it. This happened loads during my time in Japan. Japanese dudes have just got to toughen up and get with it. It was like a breath of fresh air when I finally met a guy who you would describe as a 'real man' by Western terms. Not intimidated by a blonde-haired Ozzie mate of mine, he chatted her up, got it on, and they're now married. And that guy could harldy even speak English!
I dunno girls, if you have a thing for Japanese guys, good luck to you, just remember you might need to change your tactics a little in order to be successful.

Q20. How much does it cost to stay in a love hotel?

For the uninformed, a love hotel is a place where couples go to rent a room when they have no other place to shag. This happens especially a lot in Japan, where people often live with their parents right up until they're in their 30's, or at least until they are married usually. For just a few bucks the horny couple can rent out a room for an hour or two and bonk away to their hearts content in themed surroundings such as Wild Western Land, complete with kinky cowboy boots for the girlie to wear, and cowboy boots complete with spurs for the gents. These places really are worth checking out even if you do actually rent your own apartment because of the interesting and kinky gear you can utilise. And besides, it's totally anonymous, there isn't even a cashier - you simply put your money into a slot and out pops a key to your room. Anyway, onto the main question answered by our Japanese friend Oscar.

Answer: The rate varies with the luxury of the room, whether it's a weekday or a Saturday night, daytime or night time, city or the hinterlands.

Most hotels in my area charge Y2800-5800 for a 2hr stay in the night time, Y6800-25000 for an overnight stay, Y3800-6800 for an unlimited daytime stay between 9am and 5pm. Cities tend to charge more for less fashionable rooms. In small towns like Beppu, you can have a nicely furnished room Big enough to be a Honeymoon Suite at the New Ohtani Hotel with a great view of the sea for Y2800 for 2hrs. In Tokyo I was surprised that I could get a closet sized room in the basement for 2hrs as cheaply as Y3500. I once paid 20 thousand yen and found a spacious room with two queen sized beds on opposite sides of the room. I had read about "swapping rooms" where two couples could exchange partners and have sex where they can see each other. I never realized such a place actually existed,in my own town no less! Needless to say, it turned on my girlfriend extremely.

Q21. Are Japanese Schools rascist in their Hiring Practices?

The author of this passage is a Japanese person. There have recently been some irritatingly thick sculled people asking about racism.
Let's just make a few things clear:
Firstly, if your name is Arudodebito Sugawara, you will definately find racism in Japan intolerable.
Others have found it considerablly less so.
There is no KKK in Japan that hang foreigners from trees. We have no gas chambers for gaijin. You are not likely to be beaten for walking on the pavement.
The most you are likely to encounter are rude stares or a scoff. Nothing you will not encounter on a walk through Central Park, New York.
Since you face almost no physical confrontation due to racism, the perception of racism in Japan is mostly in the eye of the beholder.
Secondly, if you are Arudodebito Sugawara or his ilk, you will be cursed, cussed and spat upon for who you are. Not what you are.
Harrassment of a dumbfuck is not racism. It is just harrasment of a dumbfuck.
Harrassment of dumbfucks by people of normal intelligence is not racism regardless of the race of the victim.

Thirdly, if you go to Sunday School and try to start a discussion about Pornographic Animated Movies, you will be made to shut up. Your constitutional right to free speech will not protect you. If you go to a strip joint and try to get the beer drinking dudes to listen to your asthetic theories on the concept of beauty in the nude female body, you will be treated worse than the afore mentioned idiot in church.

If you are doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time, you will be mistreated for your transgression and it will not be due to "racism".
Forthly, racism works both ways. Some people actually like the fact that they are being hired in English conversation schools just for being white. But that does not change the fact that they are subjects of racism, only one that is working in their advantage. A lot of guys would rather not work in English conversation schools for this reason. Not for long anyway.

Japan is a civilized enough a country that you can take sensible measures to limit personal disadvantage through racism to a minimum. Just as long as you are not one of those screeching PC maniacs who seem to be mortally offended at everything.

Ok, so what if you go to an English conversation school, flashing your deploma on Education, looking for a job when you do not fit the description of the "white, blond, blue eyes" gaijin that the place is hiring? - You will get the same treatment Humphry Bogart got in the "Big Sleep" when he walked into an underground porno shop fronting as a used book store actually trying to buy a used book.
This is not racism. The racism is the act of hiring the white guys.

What will happen if you are a white guy dating a Japanese girl?
You will have the shit beat out of you if you are an asshole about it.
Same as if you are dating anyone anywhere else.

Don't rush to blame your troubles on racism.

If it is any consolation, white people have dropped the A-bomb on Japan. Niether Filipinos, Koreans, fricans nor Arabs have ever done the same.
Q22. Self-Sponsorship in Japan

To obtain self-sponsorship you need to be making at least 250,000 yen a month or 3,000,000 a year. When you go to the immigration office to *renew your visa present your part-time contracts or letters of employment, your pay slips for the past few months and your year-end tax statements. I would recommend bring your year-end tax statements to the local tax office. Here they will calculate what you owe. (And if you are making under 3,700,000 you will likely get a refund!) Take this tax statement along with your contracts and the pay slips for the past few months when you go to the immigration office and you shouldnít have a problem renewing your teaching visa. The catch of course is you must have a work visa FIRST! Take any full-time teaching job and leave if you find yourself unhappy. Most teaching visas are now for (3) years! You donít have to present all three years worth of tax statements just the last **year! This gives you plenty of time to put together the needed part-time work. Even after I married with Japanese I continued to stay self-sponsored! I never change to a spouse visa because if the marriage didnít work out I didnít want to find myself in possible visa limbo and being forced to return to a tourist visa! *Some teachers Iíve known have brought only their monthly tax slips and have gotten a visa renew, but Iíve always been asked to show copies of my contracts or letters of employment. I received my first 3yr visa two years ago and will renew for the first next winter. However, others I know that have extended were required to produce tax statements from the previous year only. (CHRIS)

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