The Secrets of Picking up Japanese Women for Gaijin in Japan...

Disclaimer: This article is targeted mainly for the Western Native-English Speaking male living in Japan. If you do not fit this category, you just need to learn to use your differences to your advantage.

Be Confident!

Realize that you are the dream for Japanese girls. They all want you. You are a Native English speaker. You are a Western Male. You represent all that a Japanese male cannot/will not give to a Japanese woman. You can look like a can of smashed assholes and be a total loser in your home country and you will still score with Japanese girls. Be confident, as this is part of the attraction.

The Initial Pick-Up

Wanna know the best pick-up line in Japan? It's easy: "Hello". Yep, just establish that you are a friendly gaijin and you are halfway there, friend. And although being able to speak Japanese is a plus, you are still FAR better off by making the initial contact in English. Depending on your target, you may have to switch to Japanese sooner/later, but start out in English.

Now, how do you go about approaching a Japanese girl? Any way you want. Basically just walk up and sit down next to them, or walk next to them and start talking. Most of them will act a bit shy, but they really are quite pleased that you are picking up on them. Afterall, you are the dream, remember?

The Venue

I have had great success on trains. They are as bored as you are with the 30-40 minute train ride across Tokyo. Just ask for the time, or ask if the train stops at Shibuya, or something. The important thing is to make that contact.

Fast food restaurants are by far the best pick-up joint in town. McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, First Kitchen, MOSburger, etc. are all gold mines. Don't be afraid to walk in without buying anything, scan the tables and just sit down next to a group of girls and start talking. You will be AMAZED at the results you get. Trust me on this one!


1. CREATE INTIMACY: Do everything you can to establish intimacy immediately. Take a drink from her cup of Royal Milk Tea, eat her food. Sit next to her. Be sure to call her by her name and drop the -san suffix, possibly add the -chan suffix. Or give her a cute nickname right away. These are all things that Japanese guys would never do immediately, and it puts them off-guard.

2. PHYSICAL CONTACT: Shake her had when you introduce yourself (you are a gaijin afterall..this is a novelty for her to shake hands) and then don't let go of her hand. Hold it only a minute or so... But later in the conversation be sure to compliment her nails/watch/ring/bracelet or anything on her hand to give you another excuse to hold her hand. Again, do not let go. Hold it tenderly and keep talking as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

3. COMPLIMENT HER: Lavish praises of beauty upon your target. Remember that a Japanese guy hardly ever compliments a girl. He generally calls her "baka" and hits her instead. Talk about how "cute" and "pretty" she is. Be sure to use those English words, as they all know them. Talk about her eyes, her lips, and her hair. Be sure to touch her as you do.

4. GET THE NUMBER: All your efforts are meaningless unless you get the number, pal. The best way is to pull out your cell phone, and tell her that you want to call her. Ask for her number. DO NOT be content to just give her your number. JAPANESE GIRLS DO NOT CALL. It is not the way things are done in Japan. GET HER NUMBER. Just keep asking. And they ALL have a cell phone (keitai). Do not believe it if she says she doesn't have one. Just keep asking for her number. Tell her you are OK and that you are a "Safety Boy". Be sure to remind her how much you like her.

5. BE PERSISTENT: In all the above techniques, the overall theme is to keep going no matter how much she seems to be turned off by you or uninterested. I have seen some great recoveries in my time. Just keep at it. Do not give up right away. Keep going until you get that number!

The Numbers Game

If you lift up enough rocks, you are bound to find a worm. When you head out for a night of "nampa" (picking up chicks), be sure not to spend more than 1 hour with any girl(s). Just get them interested in you, get their keitai number, and GET OUT! The trick is to come home from a Friday/Saturday night with at least 20 new numbers.

When you get home that night/morning, write down as many details as possible that you can remember about each girl. (A good trick is write an abbreviation of where you met the girl into your phone when you enter their number at the time you met them). Especially try to remember names of the friends she was with.

The next day in the early afternoon, call each one of the girls. Have a notepad and pen with you. If you talk to any girls, be sure to ask the standard questions: Age, Home Town, Hobbies, Work/School, # of Siblings, Pets. Write all this down and file it.

Most likely, you will only talk to about 2-3 girls out of the 20. And the rest you will get an answering machine. Leave a cheerful and friendly message saying you are the guy she met at and that you would love her to call you and leave your number, even though you already had her put it in her phone.

Chances are you will get only one call-back, if any. Re-call all the girls you left messages for the next day. You will probably talk to talk to 1-2 more. In total, you should establish phone contact with about 5-6 girls out of the 20. Any time you talk to them, be sure to have your notes handy, so you can ask how their friend "Emiko" is doing, or did they play with their dog, "Pochi", this afternoon. They will be AMAZED that you cared enough to remember specific names.


Learn to cook a few simple dishes. Get a cute pet like a Hamster or something easy to take care of. If you live near some place famous, or the beach, something, great. Use that.

While you are on the phone, be sure to bring that into the conversation. For example, bang some pots and pans around while you are talking. This inevitably leads them to ask what you are doing. Let her know that you are cooking dinner for yourself. AMAZING! Japanese guys (and girls) usually have their mommy cook for them or they go out to eat. Rare is the man who knows how to cook and you will woo her with your culinary ways. Be sure to offer to cook her dinner sometime. This leads to getting her over to your house.

Start randomly saying "da-me!" (Bad! Don't!) while on the phone. When she asks what you are doing, let her know that your pet is getting into something. Then tell her how cute your pet is, and offer to introduce her to your pet some time. Again, giving her the hook to come to your house. You get the idea...


Probably 2-3 girls out of the 20 will agree to meet you somewhere for an "outside" date. Go meet her and spend a couple hours walking around or sitting in a cafe and talking. Remember the whole LADIES FIRST concept of chivalry and display it quite openly. Be overly chivalrous. She will love this, as again, Japanese guys expect shit done for them instead. (Don't worry, you'll get there, just not at the beginning).

Eventually, try to smoothly get her back to your place. Again, having a pet, or offering to cook dinner is a great hook back to your place. You may have to wait for "kondo" but again, be persistent. Most girls will agree if they have an excuse, like meeting your pet.

Once back at your house, give her the tour, and then sit down on the couch/bed. A good excuse to sit close is to pull out your photos and show them to her. Japanese girls dig this. While sitting next to her, begin the massage--light at first...then into full swing. She'll love this to. Eventually, make the move to kiss her. YOU MUST DO THIS!

Again, persistence is the key here. She has been programmed to resist. Many Japanese girls will push you away. Just gently keep at it until you are kissing her and she is kissing back. If you can get your hands beneath her clothing, do so. Establish your rights to grope her. This is important for next time. Don't be disappointed at not having sex yet. Most Japanese girls, other than the absolute SLUTS will do everything they can not to have sex with you on the first time alone in your apartment. No worries. Just establish the kissing and the groping.


We call this the "second date rule"; a thousand year-old tradition that no Japanese woman can break. To be specific, it is actually the "second time alone in your apartment rule", but it just doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyway, the rule is that ALL Japanese girls (be they single or married, slut or virgin, 15 or 50) will have sex with you on the second time in your apartment. In order to make this a valid test, you will have to have established the kissing and groping on her first visit though.

DATE RAPE? WHAT'S THAT?: No such thing in Japan. And remember that she is programmed to resist you at first. Take a look at Japanese Porn. Sexuality in Japan is not a strong woman riding a man like it is in the West. Sexuality in Japan is a woman crying and saying "Iya da! Dame!" (Stop! I don't like it) while the man has his way with her. It sounds harsh to a Western mentality where date rape is a reality, but this is the truth of Japanese women. When I first came to Japan, and a woman told me to stop, I stopped. On several occasions, the girl would ask me, "Why did you stop?" and quite a few times I was informed by Japanese girls "When a girl tells you to stop, it means to keep going!". The Japanese even have an expression which is "Iya yo, iya yo wa suki no uchi". Roughly translated: "You say you don't like it, but that's actually part of the enjoyment". The point is, drop that Western mentality, and be coercive, and physically persist your way into her pants.

Disclaimer: Use your common sense. If she starts hitting you and screaming for help, you have gone too far, and she is the rare specimen who has broken the 1000 year old rule. I haven't come across this, but in the event that you do, I would recommend letting her go. Don't be an asshole, just be persistent.

Precedent, Not Logic

Remember the cardinal rule that Japanese people operate by precedent and not logic. Your J-Girl will be happy to do things the way they have always been done in your relationship, but will resist any changes no matter how you logically present them to her. So, it is important to establish the rules from the beginning.

SEX: Anything kinky you want to do in bed should be done on the first occasion that you have sex, preferably the very first time you have sex. This includes her giving you head (standard anyway in Japan), ass-licking, cumming on her face and in her mouth, anal sex, fellation of your post-rectal dong, and wiping your dick off in her hair. Anything you want--just be sure to do it the first time.

VISITS: Make sure you establish that she must always call before coming over to your place. If she ever pulls that crap of showing up at your door without calling, you MUST turn her away. I don't care how horny you are, tell her she broke the rule and is not allowed in the house. Establish a respect for your privacy immediately. Can't have her showing up at the door when you have her mother spread-eagled on the couch, can you?

CHORES: You better make her work for your penis. When she comes over always have her do some cleaning/cooking/sewing/ironing or whatever it is that you can't be bothered to do since your schedule is filled up with meeting other women. Most Japanese women are quite happy to "take care" of their man. Remember that you are doing this for her, to make her feel good. Man, what a nice guy you are to understand her needs! Again, it is important to establish this right away. Mention how you are so tired, but you have a lot of ironing to be done or something. She will offer to do it. Take her up on the offer. Be thankful and tell her how nice she is. Next time, expect it to be done.

Setting the Schedule

So, you scored your J-Girl. Probably out of that 20 that you originally got numbers from, you will only score 1 or 2 at the most. But, there is always next Friday and Saturday night to go out to the fast food places and the clubs and ride the trains. If you make a commitment to the "20 girl phone number" technique, you will soon have too many girls to handle. You have only Sun-Thurs to be with them, and you probably work, as well. So... you'll need to learn to schedule them correctly.

Once you have a harem of 10-15 girls, it is important to start triple booking your dates with NEW ones. Quite often YOU will be stood up at the last minute, so you need to have a couple back-up girls. You can't waste your time so be sure to triple book. As for a girl coming to your house, double book a week in advance, and then cancel on the ones you don't want 1-2 days before. Provide the appropriate excuses and apologies and tell them you will make it up to them next time.

With this method, you will never be left alone with your dick in your hand. And this keeps the rotation of girls flowing nicely with a couple getting fed up with you and moving on, but you bringing in new ones to replace them. That way you don't have to dump any of them; a few will naturally migrate to greener pastures.


I cannot stress these concepts enough:

1. Be confident: You are their dream guy!
2. Initiate the pick-up in English
3. Be persistent!!!
5. Create a hook to get them to your place
6. 2nd Date Rule: They will all sex ya!
7. Precedent Not Logic: do it the first time

Now that you know the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Scam Artists, go out and try it. I guarantee results.

And by the way... from my experience, even those these techniques were developed with Japan in mind, they work very well in every country I have been to--which is QUITE a few, including the Western world with Western chicks.


-------------------------------- By Anonmymous American Playboy

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