Tokyo Story...(08/21/00)

Ok, here's my story. I first came to Tokyo by myself for vacation. I had no idea what to expect and at the time I wasn't excessively crazy about Japanese women (I am now). As soon as got to Ikebukuro where my hotel was I almost had a heart attack. There I was in the center of heaven it seemed. I could not believe what I was seeing. There were hundreds of very beautiful women dressed in fashionable short skirts, sexy boots etc. I remember actually sweating and breathing heavily and I couldn't help but say to myself "FUCK!!! LOOK AT THAT ONE!", "OH MY GOOD LOOK AT HER!", "DAMMMMNNN!". I was totally removed from my usually calm and collected self. From then on my objective was not to visit temples and shrines but to get laid. (Disclaimer: Since then, of course I have come to love Japan on several levels, not just for the babes.) According to my guide book, Roppongi was the place to go to meet girls so that night I put on my coolest threads, and went out with 2 other guys I had met at my hotel who were also gaijin. Again, upon arriving at Roppongi my senses were once again overloaded. I'm sure those of you who've been there know what I'm talking about. It was at this moment that I became aware of the possibility that I would soon become one of those guys who have 'yellow fever' and are really into asian girls. Anyway, we went to Gas Panic and now there I am in a bar playing my favorite type of music, surrounded and actually pressed up against lots of beautiful J-girls (it was very crowded) and many of them were giving me looks and checking me out and smiling and offering me cigarettes and lighting them and asking where I was from and how long I was there for and all that. I was getting much more attention than I'm used to. This is all after just arriving in Tokyo about 5 hours ago. I absolutely could not believe this. Usually, I get girls after they've known me for awhile and I have to charm them over weeks or months. I don't have Brad Pitt type of looks but I sure did feel like it in there. It was like I was a super charismatic rock star or something. Also I discover quickly that the Japanese have a smaller personal space than westerners. It was weird, but pleasurable having a cutie totally rub against me as she was trying to get by. Where I come from we really try to avoid unnecessary body contact. So we were there for approx 3 hours and I was pretty drunk, got a couple of phone numbers which to me was already a successfull mission. There was one girl on the other side of the club whom my friends and I were looking at all night and we noticed that all of the other guys also had their eyes on her. She was absolutely the most attractive girl there that night. No lie. Simply georgeous. Thin, perfect smile, awesome hair, nice chest, great ass, perfect smile, sexy eyes, long legs and she was even dressed better than the other girls. I'm not making this up. This girl was world class. During the night I noticed that not many guys were hitting on her. Maybe they were intimidated as I was. I had another drink to summon up some courage and I walked over there. I had been practicing Japanese for about 6 months so I asked her, in Japanese, "Can you tell me when the trains stop?" She tells me "It's ok. I speak English. Trains stop around 12:30 am." I got nervous said "Thanks" and then went to the bathroom. When I got out she was there waiting for me which was surprising. We talked for about 10 mins but it was time to catch a train so I said I had to leave. To my surprise she says "I have to go to Ikebukuro too so we'll leave together." I'll never forget the faces of my two friends as I walked back to them with this girl. A gift from the Gods. I could see them from afar with their jaws dropped and eyes bugged out as I got closer. Well, we all caught the last train and got off back at Ikebukuro. We said goodbye but for some reason I could tell she didn't want to give me her phone number. She was acting a little distant so I thought that maybe this was the Japanese way or something that I didn't understand. I didn't want to seem to rude or anything so we just said goodbye. We got back to the hotel and it was about 2:00am now and I'm laying in bed bumming because I didn't get her number when my phone rings. I say "Hello" and it was her. She said she followed us back to the hotel, looked up the number, called the front desk, described me to the clerk and reached my room and was waiting outside for me. "Do you want to see me?" She says to me. I almost shit! YES!!!! I'M GONNA SCORE!!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!! She gave me a tour of all the historic stuff around Ikebukuro, treated me to some food and drinks then sugessted we go to a love hotel. She INSISTED on paying for that too. I think that the coolest part was when we were at it, she was on top and I was looking up at the ceiling which had a mirror on it. This was definately the high point of my life. I'm still in touch with this girl and she has even visited me in San Diego. I hope this wasn't too long and I apologize if I've offended anyone. Every word was the truth. This happened in 1995 and now I can speak Japanese pretty well and I've been there 7 times since then I look forward to returning in September.

By Ace

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