here are pla-ces I re-member..All my li-fe, though some have changed.. that was one of the better Beatle's songs wasn't it? In My Life. Anyway, in my life I met a girl called Miki. I don't have to fake her name, because she's gone back to Japan, to God-knows-where, and I guess I'll ever be seeing her again. Well, this story starts back in my old town.
Hastings is even more of a dump than Portsmouth, but I have to admit, it has a nice sea-front, which I often found myself wandering across with a can of cider and the sun-setting behind me, dreaming of days when I'd be living far away. Anyway, there are a lot of foreigners in Hastings; Latin, Arabic, Asian, you name it, all studying English, so there were quite a few places I could hang out and cruise for foreign babes. There was a international pub which my Spanish pals and I used to go, which had a karaoke every Wednesday. You could die laughing at the foreigners attempts to sing in English, but it was all in good fun - I even used to join in myself when I was pissed enough, but it was better to do it in a bad German accent, so that people didn't think you were showing off.
Anyway, one day I was looking at this Asian chick that was always there, that I'd had my eye on for a while. A Spanish friend noticed me looking and said:

'Yes, she's quite sexy. Isn't she Japanese?'

I said she couldn't be Japanese - surely Chinese I reckoned, and Juan and I had a mini-argument about what nationality she was which resulted in Juan going over to her and asking her himself. He brought her over to me, which I wasn't expecting, and told me she was Japanese actually. She was standing there looking at me and waiting for me to say something, I think she liked the look of me, but I couldn't think of anything to say really - and at that time my Japanese was seriously rudimentary. Actually I was plain bloody nervous, so I didn't really say much, but in fact just pointed to Juan who was going upstairs and notioned that I was going to follow him.
Upstairs by the pool table I thought 'Shit dude, that one'll definately not be going into your 10 Best Ways to How to Pick up Women book'..and continued drinking until the pub closed, ruminating over what a twat I was for not chatting up the cute girl who I noticed had left earlier. Later, I wandered off to the Pier disco, which was also for foreigners, yet it was okay for me to go in, as the owner was a buddy of mine. Ahhh man, hundreds of lovely foreign birds, each one gagging to find a handsome local guy for bodily-fluid, WHOOPS, I meant language - exchange, and just me, the only fluent-speaking English guy there with just the goods to help em out! The sacrifices I have to make eh?!!

So, I had fun with my cosmopolitan buddies, dancing around loaded on sangria and whisky. After a particularly hectic dancing session, I went to sit down, knackered, and laid back onto what I thought was a part of the stairs, but actually turned out to be somebodies back. I looked around to see it was the lovely Japanese girl from before. She smiled sexily at me, and now, with my Dutch courage, the conversation truly flowed. We talked about ourselves, and she told me she was Miki from Tokyo.
She was a cool chick with seemingly perfect English, and I could tell by the chemistry between us that I was definately gonna get it if I played my cards right - she wasn't exactly Mrs.Innocent, and well, basically I could tell just by talking to her that she was up for some. Which was all I was looking for, a non-serious relationship, as at that time I only had a few months left till I was going to Japan anyway. Perfect. After the disco, I asked her if she wanted me to walk her home, she nodded and off we went.
On the way home I learnt more about her, most of it not so great. When I'd asked her what her job was before in the disco, she'd said that she'd been an OL (office lady). But now she admitted that actually... she'd been a Tokyo pro...yep, you heard me correctly. A hussy, a bimbo, a ho, a prozzie. Dude, I nearly stopped dead in my tracks.
Now, I guess 95% of you - at least the of the normal male population would've walked off in a storm by then. But, if you haven't guessed already, I'm definately a bit of a weirdo, and ever so slightly radical minded in my way of thinking, and thought the possibility of chatting to a babe about her life on the streets of Tokyo could really be pretty damn interesting. Kinda like in a Memoirs of a Geisha or something. Why not? - she'd been honest about it. It was amusing. So, with a smile on my face, I let her put her arm in mine, and we continued along the way to my place, whilst I began to question her inquisitively on all aspects of her trade. I'm a pretty good judge of character, and at first I wasn't sure if I could believe her, but by the time we'd gotten to my house, I'd guessed that she was definately telling the truth. It wasn't like she told everyone about her past either, just people she had a hunch wouldn't spread the word. We had a good feeling about each-other straight away. The way she made it sound, it seemed like doing her job wasn't all that skanky, and dirty, but almost like quite a normal job, even fun occasionally. Most of her clientele were businessman on a night-out in Tokyo, with far too much money on their hands. It was actually fairly safe, she said she didn't even need a pimp, as she'd only ever had any trouble on a few rare occasions, and that had just been with guys who didn't have the money to pay up after she'd serviced them.

By then we were lying on the bed in my room.
Just talking. Staring at the ceiling.
I questioned her:

'But don't you feel bad? Like, I mean, kind of dirty or something? there's so much other stuff out there that you could do with your looks, why'd you decide on that?'
'You can't make that kind of money just doing anything, you know?. It is like a drug, and so quick..it's not always such full sex, just quick, and for maybe ten minutes I can make..ni..jyu, 60 pounds or something.'
I was feeling frisky, and risked asking her what she actually did do for the money. She smiled and laughed devilishly as she explained in explicit detail what she got up to. As I listened I thought;

'Jesus, this is really turning me on, I can't believe it, now I know I'm a wacko.'
Despite what it sounds like, she was actaually really charming, and I felt a twinge in my stomach as she looked at me directly in the eyes. It sounds innocent, but I hadn't intended to do much more than talk - although she was positively foxy, in the back of my mind was the niggling feeling that if I did anything now, it would hardly have been 'going places that no-man had been before' - in fact I'd have to say that this galaxy had positively been explored to it's furthest reaches.
But as I looked at her she gave me a lustful look, and I thought oh man, oh those lips, oh those eyes, oh what the hell??... As if she'd read my mind, her hands started wandering over my body, and she started kissing my cheek, and I could smell the sweetness of her breath. Well, what's my excuse for what happened next (it wasn't baking bread..)? Hehe, come on, I was just helping her to improve her technique, you know, wouldn't want her to forget how to do her job well whilst she was in England, would I? Besides, I was getting it for free! None of this 2 for the price of 1 or Safeway Savers crap.. With that in mind I turned off the lights and leaped into the sack with her, pulling the sheets over the both of us. Thank you God for my lack of a conscience!!

So it's fair to say that Miki became my sex-pot from then on, and we met up regularly and whenever she or I fancied stealing the pooty. Let me tell you, we lived out some pretty heavy fantasies with each-other. We were often seen all over the place, dancing down the nightclubs, bodies entwined on the dance-floor. It was all very casual, and we were both quite happy with the situation as it stood. I realised that she was the coolest chick I'd ever been with. In fact, if it wasn't for her promiscuity, and she hadn't kept on stinking out my small flat with her chain-smoking, I might even have fallen for her.

I might have mentioned before that I'm a video-game freak. I go to big video-game events and everything. Miki was too. You can't imagine how cool it is to talk to a babe who's every bit as into games as I am, I really know how football loving guys must feel when they find a gf who loves footie. She used to tell me about the anime nightclubs in Tokyo that she always went to with her friends whilst we playing with each-other on every Playstation game imaginable (or just playing with each-other). Anime nightclubs were places which, generally speaking, gaijin can't go to, or don't want to because the anime clubs are basically night-clubs where people get off on the idea of dressing up like their favourite video-game character and dancing to fast techno music, mixed with sounds from famous games. I don't know, call me the saddest bastard you've ever met, but the whole idea of that was fantastically appealing to me - not to dance or anything, probably just to check out the costumes and meet people who were into games as much as I am. Miki showed me pictures of her dressed up as Chun Li from Streetfighter, and as a fighting school girl from from the game Rival Schools (damn she looked hot in that short skirt), and the whole idea of hanging out with her in Tokyo, going to those places seemed so cool it used to work me up just thinking about it. (I know a lot of you are moving your heads in disgrace saying, 'Kris you are sad..sad..sad', but..) She said that, really, it was quite a difficult scene to get into, you had to be dedicated. There were organised ways to dance and everything. I definately just had to check those places out. She said I'd stay at her place in Tokyo, that we'd do nothing but bum around all day, she had so much money we didn't really need to work, and we'd just concentrate on partying. Sounded like a good plan to me! She also told me that one of her biggest clientele was a young guy who was one of the key members of Square, and worked on Final Fantasy VII/I. That was some very cool shit, and I learnt a lot from Miki about what was gonna be in FFVIII waaaay before all the rest of you guys did, haha.

Unfortunately, Miki was kinda screwed in the head. I mean, you just don't become a pro, unless you've got no money, or you're just wacko, that's a fact of life. She enjoyed sex, but the being a pro thing was a kind of unconcious insecurity integrated in her personality. Her parents were extremely rich, in fact, her father owned one of the biggest companies of it's type in Japan, so maybe the prostitution could have been some kind of rebellion thing against that, a cry for help for a father that never payed attention to her. I dunno, leave that to the shrinks. Basically she felt no love, and I was getting tired of sharing her with other guys. In retrospect, I really wish I'd been cooler, and just not been bothered by it. I should've just chilled, because I ended up losing what could have been my best-friend in Japan. Little did I know that a year later I can understand exactly how she thinks..I'm kind of a male version of Miki now..heartless and cold to people who care for me. As trust-worthy as it get's, but I need to learn how to love again.

The fact was, Miki was a manic-depressive. A clear psychological case. She was constantly ruminating about things in her life, going over and over all the shit she'd been through. And you can't help people like that, even if you explain logic to them, it doesn't work. I had to admit, I was getting tired of her whinging, and she used to keep me up until six in the morning chatting, which I would have loved had I not been working at that time, and it was affecting my job - I kept nearly falling asleep at my PC a lot, which had amused my bosses at first, but it started to get me in the shit from them after a while. And like May, Miki also revelled in making me jealous by telling me about all the other guys we knew that she'd like to screw with. It didn't bother me, until she started talking about some Swiss guy, who at the time I really hated. He was an arrogant prick who liked to throw his money around, hating anybody who was better looking than him, or had a better reputation, and I fitted nicely into that criterion. He'd been out to get me since day one.
Many times he'd given me good reason to knock him out, but it wasn't my style. But then he got his eyes on Miki, and she'd seen in my face that she could genuinely get me worked up if she did something with that guy. Why do I always go out with babes who try to screw my mind up? I hear you ask. I don't know, I honestly don't, you tell me why...
So the inevitable happened, and she planned it well. I was walking down the street with my pal Rodolpho, who knew what a bitch she was, and had warned me about it time after time. She'd even tried it on with him a couple of times in front of my face, but he'd just laughed. Good guy. Well, as we were walking we caught a glimpse of her coming up towards us with the Swiss prick in tow, and she was holding his hand. She came up to me smiling and put her arms around me;
'Kris, Kris, hiiiii!!'
Basically I told her where to go in not the most polite language, and took her arms off from around myself, before walking away. On the way back I saw her kissing the prick, and I'm sure that she was only doing so because she knew that I was coming back the same way after going to the shop. Rodolpho was like;
'Man..she is the bitch!!..sorry man'
But I was okay, well, not bad. Half an hour later in my place the bell rang and it was her. She tried to come in but I just handed her back some Jap-Pop tapes that she'd given me and acted like she was just some friend I hardly knew;
'Here you go, you forgot these tapes. Okay then, have a nice life!'
'Don't you have anything to say to me?'
'No..so here, take these and go, you're not welcome here anymore.'
I pushed the tapes into her hand and closed the door in her face.

Over the next month or so I really needed her back, even if she had tried to mentally screw me. Of course it was that I needed a lay, but also I knew that she was still such a cool chick, and that if I didn't get involved in her life outside ours, then we could still have been good friends. I did see her occasionally as I she walked by my house in the snow, but I didn't want to talk to her. I'd heard from some friends that she regretted what she'd done. But I was still as bitter as hell about the Swiss guy, who, well, was frankly history the second after she'd kissed him. His duty done, she'd dropped him like a sack of shit.

It was coming close to her date of going back to Japan. I considered if I should approach her or not, she was on my mind often, but I decided not to. I thought I'd let her be the one to admit her mistake. On her last day, I waited for her in my flat, but after 7:00pm I knew with a sigh that she must have gone for good.
Slightly depressed I went to go for a walk and a think - but found an envelope pushed under the door with my name on it. It was from Miki. It said she was so sorry, and inside was a list of all the clubs she went to, and the places where I could find her if ever I was in Tokyo. She couldn't leave me an address as she hadn't none, and didn't communicate with her parents.

I felt really sad now that I'd lost her, and realised what a dick I'd been not to give her a second chance, at least on a friendship basis. Not to get back because of any love which was impossible, but just that we had the best conversations, and I couldn't really find another girl quite like her again I believed. In fact, to this day I still haven't.

When I was in Sapporo, I didn't have the time or bread to go to find Tokyo Miki, but I still have the paper with her details written on it, and sometimes in a hazy dream I can imagine her on some darkened dance-floor in the heart of Tokyo, coming towards me with those soulful, marble eyes. In a city full of millions of people, how can I find her? I know that she's out there somewhere, maybe she even thinks about me sometimes. I wonder what her life is like now. Somehow I think that one day, she'll again be a part of mine.