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Kanto dude already pointed how good theOsaka Sky Building(engl.)  in Umeda works for him. Same here. At the base are two gardens. one is dug in, with lots of trees and winding paths and is good/safe for naughty fun when its dark. As KD said, watch out for security, and be aware that the rate of passersby varies thru the year. On the otherside is another more widespread flower garden that is too well-lit and flat for anything more than just talk and kissing. But, if you have a chick who's adventuresome enough, you can show her the "secret ninja path" thats hidden between the bushes and the brick wall facing the big parking garage on the far side. Watch out for inconvenient spot lights and be aware that sound seems to carry far in that area. (ball gags anyone?)


Kantodude mentioned the small building next to the flower gardens but its always got flood lites aimed at it, and I havent gotten a chick to climb the 2 story ladder to the roof. Dont let that stop you from trying.


But of course the real reason to do this is the tower itself.  You'll ride a high speed elevator from the 3rd floor to the roof. For obvious reasons try to be alone when you get in the elevator: walk slowly on the way to so other couples have a chance to go ahead and get out of the way. Choreagraphy here helps: If you position yourselves facing away from the door when it closes, you'll be staring at a black wall for about 3 floors and then all of a sudden you're out in the open and the nite lights of osaka are everywhere. If you didnt get a kiss on the elevator youve got another chance after you get off and you have to ride a glass enclosed escalator up to the actual rooftop. It works perfectly for me to put my chick on before me and then turn her around so we're both at head level. 


When you finally get to to the actual rooftop, there will probably be people milling around. Don't let that stop you. Once somebody starts making out it sets off a chain reaction and pretty soon there are 4 or 5 other couples doing the same. the security guards seem to be used to it. Then of course  you have everything coming back down again.


The real pain in the ass about the sky building is getting to and from it. Its cut off from the Hankyu and JR stations by a big freight loading area that you either have to walk around on a busy street with lots of cars or go under a looong underpass with lots of tired salarymen. Both ways are ugly as sin, so be warned and have lots of stimulating conversation to distract your lady friend.


As far as food is concerned, there are restaurants lined up in a faux-early showa shitamachi narabi fashion underground. Havent found one that really does it for me yet. Theres also a couple izakaya nearby that are decent. I find them good for a chick that you dont yet have a strong romantic connection with, and then after you've gotten relaxed over some beers, you can suggest the sky building for the next stage.


There are no love hotels in the immediate vicinity that Ive found so far. The closest ones are in Chayamachi and Umeda on the other side of the train station(s). Assuming that you havent gone and rooted in the bushes like some filthy depraved pervert, I find that shelling out 600 yen for a taxi is worth not having to lose the atmosphere on the walk back. 


so thats my take on the sky building. try not to abuse it too much. If I stumble upon a YD orgy in the garden next time I go back I swear I'll ass-rape you all.


As far as Umeda goes, i can also recommend the Hep5 ferris wheel and the jazz clubs down in shinchi (for atmsophere more than the music).


so if others have nifty recommendations, please feel free to post. I myself would like to know more about date spots outside of the clubs down in shinsaibashi. Also if people have good shite on Kyoto, kobe Nara etc . fire away. Akugaijin had some excellent stuff on Kobe a long time ago that I'll try and dig up and link.


Oh, and you Tokyo and Fukuoka dudes, start your own thread and help us share the wealth. we can either have these pinned permanently at the top, or just use them to collect info before we archive it.






be sure to check out the Elephant Cafe and Torihime over in the Chayamachi district next door to Hankyu Umeda. A bit pricey but they have nice couples booths and dim lighting. These work very well in conjunction with the Hep5 ferris wheel.




Anyway let me add a few more good spots that I found.



First up: the big ferris wheel near the Aquarium and Tenpozan.

The ferris wheeel ride is about 10 minutes (or more I forget) long and not a bad start for some fun. The is a park nearby (Tenpozan) that can be good for making out but of course watch out for the homeless. There is a kind of waterfront area near that park and a part of it seems to be secluded as in there is nothing there to go and see so I have never seen people walking there and the homeless are not there either. Beware though as the homeless might come snooping about if they see a couple going into that area.


Sorry I can't explain it more clearly as I can't exactly remember it well as it was a while ago.


Here is an out of town place to go for a romp: Koyasan, historic, interesting and has mountain trails with few people on them. Take the Nankai line out to Koyasan and walk from the cable car station to the town. As you walk to the town you will find a small (temple, shop house... can't remember exactly) on the left side of the road. The trails start opposite this building on the right side. The hike is quite a long way but there is a small Torii up top of the mountain and some good views. There are few people up there and no homeless, which is a big advantage as those fuckers will follow you around and even wank off in front of you (yeah it happened once in Osaka). There are also a few spots near the summit that are more secluded as there are no paths for hikers. Just go off the path into the scrub.


Extended Optional Activities: make it an overnight trip and wrap up the day with a shag in a temple (you can stay in one for 5,000 a night if I recall). For more fun the next day go out to the graveyard and there is a path that leads out to a field and another temple (this path can be hard to find though, you have to do some exploring). There is an empty field there and it is very secluded as I have never seen anyone there. The sky is great at night with the Milky Way above you, great views of the stars and perfect for boning. Be sure to bring a blanket, some jimmies and a flashlight to get the most out of your trip.


Now for the best of all. Kyoto: Kiyomizu, Maruyama Park and the mountain. Go to Maruyama Park and walk toward the mountain. You will find a series of trails leading up to a temple and then further on up the mountain.


This is (well, was, don't know about now) the perfect place for some outdoor action. Usually there were few people up there and no homeless. There are lots of trails up there and even a few benches to make out on. You can follow one of the trails along and you will find the back entrance to Kiyomizudera. This entrance is really non-descript and abandoned with no one there to take tickets. It is a simple gate that is all.


A free visit to Kiyomizu is the perfect way to end your day after getting a blowjob just down the path from the entrance. This entrance will close at 5:00 I believe but I am not sure as I can't remember what the sign said.


After that you can enter Kiyomizu for free and head down the main street and enjoy a few of those lovely little tofu doughnuts that they sell at a shop on the left side of the road about halfway down.


Extended Optional Activities: wrap up the day with a shag in a nearby love hotel on the way back to Kawaramachi station.




yeah the back door of kiyomizu-dera rocks. although I didnt bother with just a blowjob  . If you do this later in the year when it gets dark early its easier to move around all stealthy and shit.


Good idea on koya-san.



Location: Osaka


Quote (kantodude @ June 29 2004,22:08)

The is a park nearby (Tenpozan) that can be good for making out but of course watch out for the homeless. There is a kind of waterfront area near that park and a part of it seems to be secluded as in there is nothing there to go and see so I have never seen people walking there and the homeless are not there either. Beware though as the homeless might come snooping about if they see a couple going into that area.


I think I know where you're talking about.  If you go to Osakako/Tempozan (take the Chuo-sen/green subway line),  the main street there is Minato-dori.  Follow Minato-dori until you see the tunnel.  DON'T go in the tunnel.  Just keep following the sidewalk up the hill that runs parallel to the road (and subway) leading into the tunnel.  Eventually you'll reach an open-space area in front of the water.  There's a gravel parking lot and a fence on the left side and a building on the right side.  There are light poles in the center of the walkway.  At the end of the walkway are a few steps and benches.  There is also a building and more steps on the left side, including a sidewalk that leads to the other side of that building.  I've never seen any homeless people there, but there are some people who come out there to "reflect" or "think" or "watch the water" or something.  You'll also find the occasional couple.  Anyway, if you sit on the lower steps at the end of this area in front of the water, the people behind you can't see you.  And there's a cement partition separating both halves of this waterfront area.  So there's enough privacy for two couples in heat to get it on!  I've had a bit of fun here broad daylight.   



Fuck. I cant for the life of me find akugaijins extremely informative post on kobe. He wrote it way back around fall of 2002 and recommended the port tower.


My last times there Ive focused on the cable car ("ropeway") to Maya-san, since its cool, and theres love hotels accessible in Kitano on the way back down the hill.


Actually even though I really like the Port Tower Ive never found a decent place to do more than just make out in Merikan Park. anybody have any suggestions for the park or nearby love hotels closer than sannomiya?



I could never find any love hotels in Kobe when the need was there!


There's a decent little park-like place on the opposite side of Mozaic from Meriken Park. It's still next to the sea and there usually aren't too many people around.


Another cool place I stumbled across is above the Kobe Ijinkan. It's a bit of a walk up the hill if your girl has heels on, but when you've reached the highest ijinkan building, there's another little path which leads further up the hill to a bench which looks out right over Kobe. When we decided to explore up there, the ijinkan was just shutting down for the day and the sun was setting over Kobe. Great view, and noone around to interfere.


I'll post some more as they come to mind.




The Kobe Meriken Park Hotel was only 7,000yen when I went there Jan 03.  Dunno about now but it could be worth a shot.





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Location: Evil Tokyo


Here's one off the beaten track (sort of) in Kyoto: the paths east of the Floating Bridge of Dreams -- I forget  its real name -- in Uji.


One of my happiest moments in Japan, or anywhere else, was walking across that bridge and talking about Heian buildings with an incredibly beautiful and intelligent girl from one of my university classes who was giving me the tour of her hometown.  She opened up an umbrella to ward off the sun as we reached the middle of the bridge, and I was hooked!


But to the east of there are some rarely-trod paths with little shrines and greenery.  So you can walk from the train station (as with that place in Osaka, have some conversation material at hand to distract you from the pachinko and power lines separating the nice areas from the station) over to the Byodoin area, then head northeast over a regular (automobile) bridge, wlak around and take in a museum if you like, check out the little shrines, then cross the famous bridge and then, as it gets late, watch the ukai (cormorant fishing) if you're into that.


If you're a guy showing your girl around, she'll love it.  And if your girl lives there and is showing it to you, then you're in heaven already!






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oh and BTW, I now finally know where the Kobe love hotels are. There should be a cluster of them behind Shinkaichi station (on the other side of JR Kobe)





Being a Kansai dude and feeling that a good evening out should tend more towards food, drink, and conversation than "train ride, short walk, groping in a car park followed by a BJ and a little snowballing action", I'm gonna add the following to this thread:


Recently I’ve noticed how convenient the Horie end of Shinsaibashi has become for dating (though I’ve technically sworn off ever going out on a “date” again), and/or having a quiet drink. Small, dimly lit cafes and shot bars are popping up there like shrooms. At the same time, which is always the case with these small start-up bars, they close within a couple of months. I recently tried to find a cool café/restaurant I had been to about a year ago; I remember it having a cool Cuban-communist-retro-red-Havana thing going for it. I managed to locate the area, but in its place was another cool little bar with a more chilled jazzy house feeling to it.


So, besides the fact that this area feels young, hip, and is full of the former and latter, what makes it really special for taking women to?


As mentioned before, the fact that these places change every half-year! There are no regulars, everything stays new and fresh, and these places are numerous. Now you don’t have to take a chick to a place where you hooked up a week ago with someone else, you can avoid icy stares from the CB-ing staff who believe you are a “player”, and you don’t lose the sweet “adventure” aspect needed to make your partner feel like they are doing something new and exciting…


Just beware, most of these places can lay a table charge of about 500 yen on you, but then again, the mood of this area is not really one of “getting smashed and groping you in an alleyway while some old dude take a leak on your shoes” anyway.


To add that special something to the end of your evening, I reccomend taking the long way home. The walk back to Shinsaibashi station can easily be detoured via the new Dotombori bridge and walkway area. If that place is secluded enough to smoke up and not arouse any suspicion, imagine what you can do with a woman there!